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MODEZ Installation guide

What you need to start:
— Clean Prestashop 1.6 +
— Purchased and downloaded MODEZ theme from

Last version of Prestashop can be downloaded from the official website:
And here you can find Installation guide:

Once the theme has been downloaded to your computer, you are now ready to install it to PrestaShop via the Back Office.

Login Back Office
Go to Preferences – Themes
Click Add new Theme
Click Add file
Go to _new_installation folder and choose file

Click Save and wait…

ATTENTION! If you have or higher version of Prestashop, probably you will see error: «File is too big!». You can fix this by either changing your file upload size limits or by uploading the theme via an FTP client.
a) You have to upload (or to yourshopfolder/themes/
b) Go to «Preferences > Themes» and click on the «Add new theme» at the top of the page.
c) Find «Import from FTP» section. Select modez installer and click «Save».
d) Continue to next step

(Try this video for more information )


IMPORTANT! Open your web site via FTP client or via File Manager in your hosting panel.

Open in unpacked zip form themeforest _new_installation folder and upload override folder to your prestashop folder.

Go back to your back office Preferences — Themes. You will see something like this. Now choose MODEZ icon and click Use this theme.


There are the modules that must be installed, set to enable or disable. Click Save.
And now click Finish.
Go to Preferences – Images.
Go to the bottom of page, and click Regenerate Thumbnails
Go to Advanced Parameters – Perfomance
Set Cache to NO, then click Save. And then click Clear cache.
Go to MODULES and choose All
Find Roy info block in the modules list. Then click on popup arrow, and choose Reset.
You will see success message.
Go to MODULES and click Add new module
Click ‘Choose file’ — and choose _new_installtion/premium modules/
Click ‘Upload this module’.
Now ‘Install’ this module, then click Configure.
You will see configure page of Revolution slider module. Click Import Slider.
Now click Choose file and choose /slider/yourmodezlayout/_v5_and_above/ in modez archive folder. Then click Import with such settings.
It’s appear in the list. Now click Settings.
Choose Top Column Blocks in Display Hook select box.
And click Save settings at the bottom of page

You can add example left slider by the same way.

Well done! We finished. Let’s go to front office page, and click Refresh in your browser.
ATTENTION! If you have or higher version of Prestashop, probably some Javascript effects may not work by default (like slider, Currency and language popups, quick view and other). If you have that problem you can fix it simple way:
a) Go to «Advanced Parameters > Perfomance» in your back office.
b) Find «Move JavaScript to the end» and set it to ON
c) click Save.
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