How to Update?

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MODEZ How to Update

Here you will find how to update MODEZ

Download last version of item from Themeforest
You can do it here
Unpack it on your computer.
Open your website in FTP client (I’m recommend FileZilla Client) and make BACKUP of your files (Copy all your website files to some safe and warm place on your computer). IT’S VERY IMPORTANT THING! Also you can backup your database before updating.

ATTENTION! If you have (or I am for you) already made custom changes in code of files (.css, .tpl, .php) — remember, that you if you need these changes you will need to make it again after updating.
Go to updates folder. Open folder with version you need. Upload with replace all content to your shop via FTP client.
If you want to update your revolution slider:
1) export your existing sliders
2) uninstall current revolution slider
3) delete current revolution slider
4) install new module from _new_installation/premium modules/
5) import your sliders
6) if title will broke — set font-size and line height to 32px for titles.
Now you should go to Prestashop Back Office — Modules — RoyThemes Customizer — click ‘configure’ — Then click APPLY CHANGES — to make new features work.
If you use DELICATE MODEZ and UPDATE to 2.5:
2.5 version more unified, and now any layout can be boxed. So your current main background (around boxed layout) settings — now applies to sections, not outer background. So set it to white (#ffffff) and Display gradient/image to NO.


Now outer background settings are above at the top of this tab named BOXED LAYOUT SETTINGS. Here you can set your background color/gradient/texture/image


ATTENTION! Don’t click to reset changes button if you ever made some custom changes in Customizer module.
Go to Advanced Parameters — Perfomance — Clear cache (top-right corner)
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