Modez 3 Library

MODEZ THEME Installation guide

What you need to start:

- Prestashop 1.7 +

- Purchased and downloaded MODEZ theme from

Last version of Prestashop 1.7 can be downloaded from the official website:

And here you can find Installation guide:

WARNING! Not official version of MODEZ theme, downloaded NOT from Themeforest, can work not correct and make harm to your shop. Only official version of MODEZ theme downloaded from Themeforest have a guarantee of proper work and full support by RoyThemes company.

Unpack downloaded theme package.
Login Prestashop Back Office
Go to Design – Themes & Logo
Prestashop shows Themes page again. Now:
- choose MODEZ icon and click Use this theme.
Go to Modules - Installed modules and find Mega menu PRO - configure
Go to Revolution Slider - Sliders menu in left navigation column
Go to Modules and find RoyThemes MODEZ Customizer. Then:
- open Layout and color Scheme
- choose Demo you need - apply settings
- choose Color Scheme you need - apply settings
- save changes.
Go to Advanced Parameters – Performance
- set Recompile templates if file have been updated
- set Cache to NO, click Save
- then click Clear cache in the top right corner.
Great! We've done, now go to your homepage and look at your new shop!

MODEZ Theme Customization and Modules guide

Roy MODEZ Customizer
Roy Content
Product sliders
Mega Menu PRO
Smart Blog

You can manage Blog posts from the left menu of your back office.
Smart Blog module contains some settings in configure page. There are 11 additional modules to Smart Blog module, that installed with MODEZ theme. If you don't need any of them, just disable it.

You can find good documentation of Smart Blog here:

That's all. If you still have questions check documentation or write to support. Good luck with sales!

Where are premade files to import?

How to import premade banners?

Go to Modules - Roy Content - configure - Add item - Choose file - import/demo_name/ .
Here choose banner file. If you want to show it like in demo - add banners one by one according to order in their file names. So choose banner_1_anyhookname.
Set hook name according to banner name, click Save

Where to find PSD files?

Go to unpacked folder - psd/ . enter the folder by demo name you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Update your theme?

Here you will find how to update MODEZ theme.
Download last version of theme from Themeforest. You can do it here.
Unpack it on your computer.
Open your website in FTP client (I'm recommend FileZilla Client) and make BACKUP of your files (Copy all your website files to some safe and warm place on your computer). IT'S VERY IMPORTANT THING! Also you can backup your database before updating.
ATTENTION! If you have already made custom changes in files (.css, .tpl, .php) - remember, that you if you need these changes you will need to make it again after update.
Go to unpacked updates folder. Open folder with version you need. Upload with replace all content to your shop via FTP client.
Go to Prestashop Back Office - Modules - Roy MODEZ Customizer - configure. Click 'SAVE CHANGES' to apply new features of update. That's all!
ATTENTION! If something go wrong with the website - check Customizer tabs - you can find labels with version number on tabs, which means that on these pages you can find new features need to be configured. If not helped - feel free to write to support, please.

If you have any problems or questions - you can write to support.

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you like it - please rate it on ThemeForest.

Support of MODEZ Theme

There is : THE SUPPORT