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MODEZ Customization

Here you will find how to customize MODEZ

RoyThemes Customizer
You can change design of theme with this module. Change colors, backgrounds, fonts, display/hide elements and almost everything you see.
Roy Banners
It allows to put banners everywhere.
Let’s try to put banner to left column for example:
1. Set Hook to Left
2. Upload your banner image file
3. Click Save
Now it’s here:
… and here:
You can change banner position by Modules — Positions, find your hook, and drag Roy Banners module by mouse.
Revolution Slider
You can change slides and create animations of layers with this amazing module.
You can find how to import home slider of modez theme in MODEZ installation guide above.You can find great guide how to customize Revolution slider and create animations in offline guide.

Envato page of Revolution Slider Prestashop Plugin:

Roy info block
Allows to put contact information blocks in the top section of theme. Better way is to edit existing blocks. Just click Edit
Change telephone number and click Save
If you want to change html code or icons — go to Tools — Source code
Roy Social block
It’s allow to add cute icons to your social accounts in footer. Just fill the links and click Save. Clear link to disable social network.
Footer payment logos block
It’s allow to show available payment methods of your store. In module configure page you can set destination page for the block’s link.
You can display / hide each payment icon in RoyThemes Customizer module — Footer section.
Layered navigation block
I want to tell you how to put layered navigation block filters to custom positions. For example, let’s put Price range slider to the top of filters block. Find it in Modules list and click Configure
Click Edit on existing template, or create new one.
Now drag Product price filter to the top of the list and click Save
Social Login (by (Do it if you want to have social login in your shop)
First go to Modules list and find OneAll Social Login
Go Click here to setup your free account
And register the way you prefer.
After registration, copy and past to module settings those fields, and click Verify the API Settings
That’s all. You will need to setup every social network to do it work. Just follow instruction, when click on it on your shop autentification page.Here is some info:

Roy Facebook Block
Just change to your Facebook link.
Smart Blog
Smart Blog module contains some settings. There are 11 additional modules to Smart Blog module, that installed with MODEZ theme. If you don’t need any of them, just disable it.

You can find good documentation of Smart Blog here:

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